Welcome to clickhouse-sqlalchemy

Release 0.2.3.

Supported SQLAlchemy: 1.4.

Welcome to clickhouse-sqlalchemy’s documentation. Get started with Installation and then get an overview with the Quickstart where common queries are described.

User’s Guide

This part of the documentation focuses on step-by-step instructions for development with clickhouse-sqlalchemy.

It assumes that you have experience with SQLAlchemy. Consider its docs at the first, if that is not so. Experience with ClickHouse is also highly recommended.

ClickHouse server provides a lot of interfaces. This dialect supports:

  • HTTP interface (port 8123 by default);
  • Native (TCP) interface (port 9000 by default).

Each interface has it’s own support by corresponding “driver”:

  • http via requests
  • native via clickhouse-driver or via asynch for async support

Native driver is recommended due to rich clickhouse-driver support. HTTP driver has poor development support compare to native driver. However default driver is still http.

Additional Notes

Legal information, changelog and contributing are here for the interested.